Fire damage: restore, don’t replace

Blaze is potentially one of the most deteriorating accidents that may occur on your property, and the damage is usually extensive and irreversible to some degree. The damage a fire can cause usually leaves you facing huge financial impact, and the hazardous effect goes beyond the mere cost of material reparation. Additional damages come from smoke pollution, unpleasant smells lingering across the house long after the fire is extinguished, soot infiltrating porous materials, water causing additional damage and many more. All of this may create quite a depressive sight and cause impression that you will need months of hard work and a lot of money to replace all of it and move on with your life. This does not necessarily have to be that way; you just have to approach the challenging terrain smartly. A lot of damaged assets can be restored and repaired successfully, instead of fully replaced for new assets and the whole final cost can be significantly lower that you might think of a first impression. Here are some basic tips on how to restore the damage after fire demolishing your property.

Professional inspection and estimation

Before you roll your sleeves up and start cleaning the mess, you need to know exactly where you stand and make a solid action plan of restoration. The best is to hire fire restoration company to make a meticulous inspection of your premises, determine the exact damage, sort the assets into fixable and non-fixable and suggest you the best way to deal with all of it. Since adequate inspection of all the potential damage requires the expertise of several different experts, that is another reason to hire professionals. Thorough inspection should evaluate pipes and plumbing in the house, degree of air pollution, damages of windows, doors, walls and floors, damages of appliances and wires, roof and yard, various mechanical systems, household items (including furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, books, decoration and many more) and every other aspect that is affected by fire directly or by its additional effects.

Restore, don’t replace

Once the exact estimation has been made, set the list of priorities. Start with the construction elements, such as walls, floors, ceiling, windows, doors and above all – air inside your premises. Hire professional fire restoration team to apply their specialized equipment and tools that will provide deep cleaning, soot removal, and smoke particles elimination even from the tiniest pores in materials, to prevent irreversible pollution and further deterioration. High-quality treatment of the surfaces, items, and areas affected by the fire will minimize the overall damage, prevent further deterioration and restore the previous quality as much as it’s possible. This is hardly done on your own, thus get someone to conduct it in an expert’s manner. Furthermore, if furniture or carpets are seriously damaged, there are services providing upholstery treatment, thorough cleaning with specific chemicals or replacement of only the damaged parts of items, which is still better and cheaper than purchasing completely new assets.

Replace without high costs

Finally, there will be some household items and assets that are damaged beyond repair, and you will have to replace them and purchase new ones. Even this task doesn’t have to be extreme cost. Choose second-hand options or various services that buy damaged items or exchange them for old, but functional ones. This is a handy solution, at least for the time being.