Don’t risk it, leave the hard part to the professionals

No matter how easy it may seem to clean the area of this unfortunate disaster afterwards, depending on the severity, you most likely cannot do it without professional help. In fact, you might even damage it even further if you don’t know what you are doing. Better way is with guidance of a professional service. Some of the things you should never do on your own or without a prior professional approval and consultation include wiping any absorbent surface by yourself, using or moving any padded furniture, consuming any products from the affected area, using electrical devices, or using AC system or a heating system.

Remember, not hiring professionals can increase the cost of the cleanup to extreme heights, and just after a few weeks. Ash itself is acidic, and the more it stays of surfaces, the more it corrodes and destroys it. Hired professionals will tell you what can and cannot be saved, and will do so to minimize your expenses. Keep in mind, experts aren’t miracle workers: time is of utter importance to save your items, the sooner you contact services to help you, the lesser your expenses will be.

Professionals Way

The way ashes affect surfaces is very quick: plastic or anything that was close to the fire will lose color, while glass/fiberglass will go yellow, and metals corrode. Glass can get extremely etched, which most of the times requires replacement. There is no quick way to deal with the after-effects of a fire.

The only way to properly do the restoration is to be thorough and meticulous. Letting experts and professionals handle the fire aftermath can also reduce your stress levels. You won’t have to go through all the debris and sift through your destroyed beloved possessions.  You already went through a lot of stress. Even if you can do all the restoration alone, you most probably don’t have all the necessary tools, detergents, cleaning agents, and chemicals necessary for a proper, thorough clean-up, which is one of the main reasons you should hire professionals who have those, and most importantly have the expertise to use all of it properly!