How to handle fire aftermath

In case you had an emergency of this nature, it is important to keep in mind one thing: you need to have a fire marshal approval to re-enter your home, for your own safety reasons. But getting a green light from the marshal doesn’t mean your property is now safe. This is why you have to contact professional cleaning services immediately after the fire has been put out, depending on the severity of the fire. Professionals aren’t here just to clean up instead of you. We’re also here to advise you what can and cannot be fixed, and can and cannot be replaced.

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Preventing further damage

Preventing further damage is important in order to minimize further unnecessary expenses, since dealing with the fire itself can cause a lot of damage as well.As soon as you get a green light to re-enter your premises, make sure you open the windows to create a draft that will get the smoke out. It also helps if you have a big fan, which can speed up the process a little. Items such as rugs and drapes, clothes, or anything that’s gotten wet while putting out the fire should be taken outside and dried to prevent mold creation, which can cause irreparable damage. Electrical devices should be checked by professionals before being used again. And as a reminder, remember to take photos of damaged and items destroyed in a fire, for insurance evidence.

If there are items that are completely lost in a fire, an old photo with that item in it can be used as evidence for your insurance company to cover the missing item. Also, while doing any repairs, cover the finished areas with plastic when moving onto the next cleaning area. Items that are affected by smoke can be cleaned of smoke by professional companies using ozone treatments. Most sprays and deodorizers are not effective against this kind of problems. Since they mostly just mask the smell while not fixing the cause. While cleaning walls and metals damaged, it’s important to primarily protect yourself. Use proper equipment, chemicals and masks, since fumes created while cleaning might be harmful for lungs and health in general.